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Welcome to S Woodward Photography,

I am a Southampton based photographer who specialises in Property and Real estate photography. Attention to detail is everything, whether you're selling or buying to let, make sure your photos stand out from the rest.


With years of experience in photography and editing along with an artistic background it's the perfect combination to produce photos of the highest quality.


All property photos professionally edited by myself and deliverd to you within 24hrs.

Property photography is a specialised genre of photography that focuses on capturing the essence and beauty of real estate properties.

It involves capturing images of both residential and commercial properties, showcasing their unique features, architectural designs, and overall ambiance.

Property photographers employ their technical skills and creative eye to capture stunning images that entice potential buyers or renters.


This type of photography requires an understanding of composition, lighting, and angles to capture the most flattering and accurate representation of the property.


Property photography plays a crucial role in the real estate industry as it serves as a visual

tool to attract and engage prospective clients and ultimately leads to successful property transactions.

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